Cacao Sweets & Treats

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About Cacao

At Cacao, it is extremely important to create a personal relationship with our clients. We love to hear your story and what your inspiration is before we even discuss details. With that, we are able to build a custom cake and dessert table that tells your story through flavor and design. Cacao weddings are always organically beautiful and fun, but most importantly delicious!

Why are we green?

Cacao focuses all of its business and baking efforts to be as sustainable as possible. Our historic building is continually being improved with efficient materials and fixtures. Small batch baking results in less waste, which means we don't skimp on using the highest quality, local ingredients we can find. Our footprint is small due to our local sourcing and our relationships with local school farms. We recycle more than 10x what we waste and continue to keep improving. Post consumer, recyclable and compostable packaging, when necessary, reusable trays and equipment are the only option.