Cage and Aquarium

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About Cage and Aquarium

Cage and Aquarium is a premier event deejay service in partnership with the nationally recognized Scratch Academy. As veterans in Chicago’s private event and wedding circle, Cage and Aquarium is always ahead of the curve as a unique option for deejay services. Turntable deejaying is standard among all C+A DJs, and their Wax Wedding option, an event experience aimed strictly at vinyl music enthusiasts, separates them in the Chicago market.

Among all of their eco-­friendly business practices, C+A preserves and uses vintage vinyl as part of their regular process in preparing for an event.

Considering the Environment at Every Step

A few of the green business practices utilized on a daily basis includes electronic invoices, contracts and faxes, and encouraging paperless payments from customers. C+A prints business cards and other marketing materials through eco-­friendly printers. High­ quality refurbished gear is always considered before purchasing new equipment. C+A strives to reduce waste in every event that they perform, and therefore their team utilizes items such as reusable checklists and thumb drives. Most DJs have fuel efficient and compact cars, so C+A ensures their sound systems are small enough for easy transport within these vehicles.

In the office, recycling is standard. Among the regular recyclables (paper, aluminum, etc), C+A also recycles used batteries and printer cartridges. They use CFL bulbs in their office lighting fixtures and also use eco-­friendly cleaning products. As a green organization, Cage and Aquarium considers the environment with every decision they make.