GWA’s Green Wedding Guide

It’s Easy to Go Green for Your Wedding

Photo by Cage & Aquarium.

Photo by Greenhouse Loft.

To help couples everywhere plan their wedding sustainably, we've assembled an exhaustive guide of simple, effective & cost-cutting ways to make help make your wedding more green. Explore each page to lower your event's impact in every category. Most importantly, research and ask questions about your vendors' business practices!

GWA Makes it Easy to Be Green

A sustainable wedding at Greenhouse Loft.

Details from a sustainable wedding at Greenhouse Loft.

Using GWA's roster of pre-screened, eco-friendly, members is a surefire way to have a sustainable wedding. Our members are at leaders in the sustainable wedding movement and have to go through a rigorous application process to be eligible.

Making a Difference by: Reducing Waste

• While the average U.S. office uses 5–40 trees' worth of paper per year, most of our vendors use digital contracts and invoicing to reduce paper use. Toast & Jam DJs even uses Echosign that lets their clients sign contracts online without printing. • Greenhouse Loft uses the Resource Center for multi-stream recycling which ensures a higher recycling rate than the City of Chicago's single stream recycling. • Nimble Well, a vintage rental company, gives their packaging material back to UPS. • Larkspur, since 2008, have been growing heirloom flowers in Michigan and they use only biodegradable materials in all their designs. • Collective Resource is a vendor who collects compost from businesses and individuals, including many GWA members. Ambiente, Pollen, Naturally Yours Events, FIG Catering, Fab Flora, Spilled Ink Press, and Cage and Aquarium Productions work with Collective Resource to reduce their events' footprint. • Catalyst Ranch also uses vermi-composting with worms for their food scraps and donates the compost to Pacific Garden Mission for their farming efforts. • Bright Endeavors offers a votive refill service for planners & caterers which reduces wasted glass & empowers young at-risk mothers.

Making a Difference by: Reducing Energy Use

• Since lighting accounts for up to 35% of energy use in most offices, FIG Catering installed sensors to automatically turn off the lights in seldom-used areas. • Karen Marie Salon uses high-efficiency equipment and purchases carbon offsets to compensate for the rest of their energy needs. • Many of our members, like Naturally Yours Events, host their websites on servers powered by wind or that use carbon offset system. • The Showroom on Hubbard uses 100% LED lighting. The lights are also on dimmers, to further reduce energy consumption.    

Making a Difference by: Giving Back

Katherine Anne Confections uses eco-friendly, tree-free, fair-trade packaging for their all-local, all-organic favors & treats. • Many of our members donate their services and time to numerous organizations across the city or work with public school students.