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about poemgrown

cin salach began poemgrown to help people say their heart out loud. To honor and mark the occasions of love that shape and inspire our lives.

And what could be a more inspiring occasion of love than a wedding?

Living our love stories is one of the most wonderful things to do…. to express it in a way that feels as true and breathtaking as it is, is one of the hardest! (That’s why even though we want to write our own wedding vows, they are often left until the very end of the planning!)

She has a simple process to work with couples-to-be to put your love story into words…a commissioned poem that can begin as vows for your wedding ceremony, then be brought to life throughout your reception!  It starts with a poem, but just like love, the possibilities are endless…

Here are just a few ways:

  • Guest Blessing poem (an enhancement of your guestbook)
  • Hand thrown wedding bowl engraved with a line from your poem
  • Water color and calligraphy prints of lines from your poem to enhance the reception now, and hang in your home after.
  • Put to music for your first dance

A poem grown for you and your wedding day is also the perfect complement to your wedding photographs and album. Because at the end of the day, and every day there after, you will have the photographs to remember what your heart saw.

And the poem to remember what your heart felt.

environmental initiatives

“In a culture where “stuff” comes and goes…it was a deeply gratifying process to work with cin and have her create something so personal and lasting.” - Rebecca Lewandowski

I believe less is more. As a poet, that is my job. (And I love my job!) To find the essence, so that with less words, you actually feel more.

I believe that to celebrate the things that are most important in life, we don’t need more things. We need more connection. More relationship.

That is why I became a member of the Green Wedding Alliance. To be in an alliance of vendors who want to help you celebrate the most important day in your life in the most mindful and thoughtful and beautiful way possible. After all, the most inspiring part of your wedding day is YOU and your love.

A commissioned wedding poem from poemgrown makes your day unforgettable without adding more stuff. It simply shines a light on the love that is already there.

And what could be more memorable than that?

cin salach (owner & poet)