Spotlight on a Member: Bright Endeavors

In 2015 we are learning a lot about our members! You can listen to Neil Dixon Smith’s awesome podcast interviews with CGWA members or check out our featured member profiles where we visit their places of business and conduct a short interview. Here’s one with John Guido from Bright Endeavors.

John GuidoHow did you get involved in Bright Endeavors?

I was connected to Bright Endeavors through the non-profit volunteer community in Chicago.  I worked in the private sector and was thrilled to have the opportunity to use my skills to develop a growing social enterprise.

Why is Bright Endeavors a sustainable business?

Dreambean candlesOur business is sustainable in a few ways.  First, we use non GMO soy wax and domestically sourced ingredients to make our candles.  Second, we provide candle rentals for weddings and restaurants, drastically reducing the amount of candle glass that is wasted following the event.  Third, we invest in our community by impacting two generations simultaneously.  We teach transferable job-skills to our young moms, who will, in turn, be empowered to pass those skills along to their children in a more financially stable home environment.

What is your favorite thing about going to work every day?

Working with a great team that navigates a variety of business development challenges in order to build a sustainable social enterprise for our participants.

Making candlesWhy did Bright Endeavors join the CGWA?

We saw an incredible opportunity to work with like-minded small business owners who are serious about creating positive social, economic, and operational change within the wedding industry.

Bright Endeavors teamWhat inspires you?

The young moms in our program who refuse to give up hope as they struggle to overcome enormous hurdles each and every day.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

At Bright Endeavors, we are dedicated students of the pun.   I’d offer an example, but I wouldn’t want to school anyone.  We do try to keep it classy around here.

All photos are taken by Jamie Davis of Greenhouse Loft.

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