Thistle + Twine Atelier

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About Thistle + Twine

Thistle + Twine Atelier began as an artist’s vision, wanting to combine wedding photography with her love for film portraiture, handmade arts, and anything with a vintage flare. Nikki Segarra has spent years perfecting her photographic style, which combines fine art with documentary photojournalism. She loves to capture those special, fleeting moments that are shared between her couples, and also seeks to encapsulate the look and feel of the wedding day, focusing on even the tiniest detail.

With a background in fine art and a love for film photography, she also offers “vintage” portrait sessions with her handmade brass and wood camera. After taking a class in bookbinding, she began creating keepsake boxes as gifts, and soon realized how perfectly they worked as heirloom boxes for those special wedding day treasures. Nikki relishes bringing these three interests together to create a unique wedding service for her clients.

Nikki strives to use sustainable practices within both her personal and professional life, and is proud to be green.