Vintage Place Settings

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Who We Are:

In our vintage rental business we rescue vintage tableware that might otherwise go into landfills.  We extend the useful life of these items in beautiful table settings.  The patterns pictured here were rescued from Chicago area estate sales.  When we repurpose china, glassware, and flatware for use in our special occasion rental business, we can offer eco-friendly alternatives for wedding events.  We provided our vintage china and more at a recent wedding where the bride added monogrammed tea towels as napkins her guests could take home and repurpose as kitchen towels.  Adding placements made from recycled paper kept the eco-friendly vibe going and coordinated beautifully with our mismatched vintage china. 

Our Approach:

Our eco-friendly practices go beyond rescuing items from landfills for rental, as we do not throw away damaged items.  Instead we donate them to artists, including Lisa Tolbert of Mosaic Whimsies, located steps from our Bridgeport showroom.  We also use packing materials that can be cleaned and reused repeatedly.  In our bridal registry business, we provide one-time delivery of all items together rather than shipping items as they are purchased, to avoid using unnecessary packing materials, cardboard boxes, and fuel.  We not only reduce waste through these practices, but we can better ensure there is no breakage on the way to recipients.